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littlejumperstrampoline.com is owned and operated by Broadband Media, Inc. BM is a technology company with specialties in Internet Marketing, Managed Hosting, and Ecommerce. BM helps Internet retailers with search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, ROI optimization by offering IT consulting services, and fulfillment services for one-stop integrated solutions.

ALEX Little Jumpers Trampoline is developed to offer specific information about the Little Jumpers Trampoline. This blog is created to share product information, problems, reviews and frequently asked questions about the Little Jumpers Trampoline to help consumers make prudent decision about purchasing the trampoline. Please feel free to ask questions about the product, and we’ll do our best to answer the question within a reasonable timeframe.

We hope to use this medium to share information and experiences of online shoppers, consumers, distributors and retailers.

One thought on “About Us

  1. stella

    We have a number of problems with the alex trampoline, we feel it is important to contact you regarding thhese issues. The trampoline tips over easly while the child is jumping on it, the screws keep coming out , the fabric that wraps around the bottom part does not stay in place so while the child jumps the fabric slips off.
    We really likes this jumper at first but it is dangerous.


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