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Little Jumpers Trampoline

Little Jumpers Trampoline
Manufacturer’s Part#: 786WN
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The Little Jumpers Trampoline from ALEX Toys is ideal for the junior trampolinist with an easy grip padded support handle to hold as you bounce up and down, higher and higher each time.
The Little Jumpers Trampoline is the perfect indoor (or outdoor) excerciser for children.
Product Features

  • Jump for fun and exercise!
  • Colorful, padded trampoline with cushioned handle is the perfect outlet for kids’ energy
  • Spring-loaded legs make assembly quick and easy. Just open the legs, attach the bungee cords, place the colorful padding and take the leap!
  • Holds up to 70 pounds.
  • 34.5″ W x 24.5″ D x 29.5″ H (88cm x 88cm x 75cm) when fully assembled.
  • Meets the Federal Safety Standards.
  • SMALL PARTS. Not for children under 3 years.

How To Assemble Your Little Jumpers Trampoline

By Richard Allen

Little Jumpers Trampolines are one of the best overall toddler trampolines available for purchase today. Young children love it and it provides a healthy dose of activity and leisure to all who use one. The Little Jumpers Trampoline is not only relatively easy to use and store, but is also a breeze to assemble. Your child will be able to use their Little Jumpers trampoline in the blink of an eye!

To start the construction of your Little Jumpers trampoline, open the packaging and remove all pieces from the box. Arrange them on the ground. Your first order of business is to construct the frame of the jumper. There are four “L”-shaped rods that make up the square frame of the Little Jumpers; piece them together (they will lock into place), and then screw the four screws in place to keep the frame in one piece.

The next step is to attach the jumping fabric and bungee cord to your Little Jumper trampoline. The fabric “bed” of the Little Jumper trampoline is what your child will be jumping on repeatedly, constantly, so it is critical that this piece is placed properly. On a toddler trampoline, the bungee cord that you receive should be used to hold the fabric mat in position. Line up the mat in position in the framework, and then thread the bungee cord through the specified holes and loops running along the outside of the mat. Make sure the bungee cord is both laced as tight as you can make it (to prevent a collapse) and is in the exact center of the frame. Apply light pressure to the mat to make sure you have properly threaded the Little Jumpers Trampoline; you will know you’ve done it correctly if it responds back with pressure. Lock the bungee cord in place with the “lock piece”; this will keep the cord tight and will prevent unraveling.

Next, it is time to attach the cover, handle and grip bar. Attach the remaining pieces in the shipping box together to form the handle shape; use two more screws to hold it in place. The colorful cover to the Little Jumpers Trampoline should now be placed over the frame of the trampoline; this will not only give the Little Jumpers Trampoline colors and a personality, but it will also provide added protection for the toddler should they accidentally fall off while bouncing. Attach the cover in place with hooks and plastic clips, both from the shipping box. On the frame of the trampoline, there should be two rods sticking straight out; snap the handles over the rods; you will know it has attached once the spring pins snap into place on the frame. Make sure you rotate each leg of the trampoline at least once before letting your child play to make sure the Little Jumpers Trampoline is flat and level on the ground.

Once this step is complete, your Little Jumpers Trampoline will be in picture perfect shape. There should be nothing stopping your toddler from bouncing and bounding all day long. A more detailed walkthrough of the steps given can be found in the manual that will come with your Little Jumpers Trampoline. Any more information on the Little Jumpers Trampoline can be found in our FAQ.


One of the greatest childhood toys in the world, the awesome toy that every child wishes and begs for, that every child dreams about using for hours on end, wasting the long summer days away, is none other than the trampoline. Depending on the size, the trampoline can be used by children and adults alike, meaning fun for the whole family almost the entire year round.

A trampoline is a device that allows a person to jump up and down very high for both entertainment and athletics. The trampoline device consists of a steel circular frame with legs to hold the structure above the ground; numerous springs are attached to the frame to allow for jumping. Stretched across the frame is a piece of tough fabric: it must be strong (while at the same time, elastic) enough to withstand one or multiple persons of varying size jumping on it for a length of time.

Although ideas and concepts related to the trampoline have been explored by the Ancient Inuits and 19th century Europeans, trampolines were first officially invented back in 1936 by George Nissen and Larry Griswold, students at the University of Iowa. They designed the trampoline as a way to train tumblers, trapeze artists, and various other acrobatic performers by improving the standard trapeze nets found at the bottom of their stages. The construction of the trampoline (as previously mentioned) eventually replaced most trapeze nets, but their novelty value made them popular in their own right. The term for the device was trademarked as “rebound tumbler” before eventually changing to “trampoline” as we know it today.

The trampoline is a standard in practically every gymnastics event and training these days, in addition to the inventions of variants of basketball and volleyball with trampolines built in. In addition to professional athletics, the trampoline has gained a second home in every other backyard of America. Sizes of trampolines vary from big to small, which allow for just one person to bounce up and down (for workouts), to upwards of 10 people leaping into the air (for recreation). It’s fun, it’s universal, it’s the trampoline!

Written By:
Richard Allen